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Thorough diabetic eye exams for various eye problems

We'll also discuss your medical history to identify any possible problems. Dr. Carol recommends an eye exam once a year if you have diabetes. You'll be given eyeglass prescriptions after the exam if needed.

If you're diabetic and suffering from eye problems, you should visit Carol L. Anderson, MD for a complete diabetic eye exam. We'll look for any eye problems that diabetes can cause.

We also check for other eye problems caused due to diabetes

  • Check to determine if glasses are needed

  • Dilate eyes

  • Retinal exams - to check for diabetic retinopathy

  • Check for cataracts and glaucoma 

For a complete diabetic eye exam and cataract checkup, call

513-896-1578 and visit us at

5161 Pleasant Avenue, Fairfield, OH.

We provide consultations to each patient to set up the treatment. Consultations can be customized to fit each individual.