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Comprehensive eye exams and eye care services

Call today to schedule an appointment for a complete eye exam.

If you're looking for an experienced ophthalmologist in Greater Cincinnati, Carol L. Anderson, MD is your ideal choice. You can expect excellent care and quality work from us. Our doctor is available to answer your questions.

Our comprehensive eye exam includes

  • Discussion of medical history to identify possible eye problems

  • Include refraction to determine if glasses will improve your vision

  • Provide eyeglass prescriptions, if needed

  • Dilate eyes

  • Retinal exams to check for diseases

  • Cataract check

  • Glaucoma check

  • Evaluate lids and eye movement

For eye exams and eyeglass prescriptions, call 513-896-1578 for an appointment and visit us at

5161 Pleasant Avenue, Fairfield OH.