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Thinking of getting your eyes tested because you have diabetes? Visit Carol L. Anderson, MD. From comprehensive eye exams to diabetic eye exams, we perform a full range of eye exams.

For patients aged 40 and above, Dr. Carol recommends an eye exam for possible glaucoma. She checks your eye pressure and the appearance of your optic nerve to evaluate if you have glaucoma. If you have glaucoma, she may recommend further testing to determine its severity. She will then personally discuss your condition and available treatments.

Our office is locally owned and operated. Dr. Carol personally checks each patient. We care about your time! We schedule patients to minimize your wait time. We also provide Wi-Fi access! Call us today.




Comprehensive Eye Exam

Make sure your eyes are in good health with our comprehensive eye examination. You can protect your vision by identifying possible problems such as cataracts or glaucoma.  We provide refractions, glaucoma evaluations, cataract checks and dilated retinal exams.

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