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Schedule an appointment with Carol L. Anderson, MD. We'll check eye pressure and the optic nerve for any signs of glaucoma. You'll also be advised on a follow-up exam if treatment is required.

If you're aged 40 years and older, then you should definitely get your eyes checked for possible glaucoma. It is necessary to persevere your vision. Untreated glaucoma can cause blindness.

You can expect individual attention to your condition when you visit us. Our doctor works with you during the entire treatment process. You can ask her any questions that you have regarding your glaucoma treatment.


If you need specialized treatment for glaucoma, we'll refer you to a specialist who can give you the required assistance and treatment. Call us today for further information on eye exams and glaucoma treatment

To schedule an appointment for glaucoma treatment and eye pressure checks, call 513-896-1578. Visit us at 5161 Pleasant Avenue, Fairfield OH.

Get proper treatment for glaucoma today!

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